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Originally submitted at Kosher Vitamins Express

Powerful sleep enhancer Helps fight jet lag Maxi-Health Research® brings you this unique formula that you can adjust according to your needs for sleep disorders. Insomnia is a growing epidemic! Scientific studies are showing the benefits of melatonin for sleep disorders and jet lag . Maxi Health Re...

Maxi Health Kosher Mel-O-Chew Melatonin 1 mg. 100 Chewies

Perfect for my Aspie son and me :)

By Hipstamom from Brooklyn, NY on 1/7/2012


5out of 5

Pros: Effective, Easy On Stomach, Easy To Swallow, Simple To Take, Good Value

Best Uses: Daily Use, Men, Women, Children

Describe Yourself: First Time User, Health Conscious

Last night, my 10 year old son and I tried this product for the first time. I gave him a 1mg dose and it took him 90 minutes to fall asleep. I took a 3mg dose and I knocked out in 45 minutes, LOL! I woke up and didn't feel groggy.



Hey, folks, long time no see!

I had a little question for y'all...

Who was the marketing genius behind the name of this stuff? Was market research necessary to ascertain the name of the product was better than, oh, I don't know...


Another bit of media ignoring Gen-X

Top Employers for Gen Y, Boomers. Everyone else is chopped liver.

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Online Applications

Okay. I'm currently unemployed and am looking for a job with the local school district.
They have an online application system which is confusing as hell.

Anyway, since we are all GEN X'ers, don't you remember the 'good ole' days' of paper applications and formal job interviews? None of this online stuff???

Just thought I'd share my frustrations about today's technology with my fellow GEN X'ers.

Are we lazy????

Just a few questions about our Generation X.

Some questions about life Collapse )
So, I'm asking, what do my fellow GEN X'ers think? Are we the lazy generation that doesn't want to take care of the elderly? What do you think?

Plug in fave John Hughes movie quotes in the comments

Come on Slackers - you know you have 'em

bad kid, good kid?

There isn't much activity in this comm so I'll give us a subject.
How glorious was it to be a teenager in the 80s? Yes I'm watching One Hit Wonders of the 80s on VH1 and its bringing back loads of memories, good and bad. I did a lot of stupid shit back in the day and, frankly, I'm amazed that I made it past 40. How bad was I? I grew up in the Bronx and used to sneak downtown (yes on the subway-number 6 baby!) And go to the clubs that let underage girls in (Mudd Club, how I miss you!). So before Robert Chambers (king douche) killed Jennifer Levin and while some of the best clubs and stores still existed in dirty, downtown NYC, in the days of fake ids from a scary place in Times Square (which I swear is the soon to be late Virgin Store today) I had the run of the city as a stupid, reckless teenager, and damn was it wonderful!
Share your own stories of being young and stupid!



Call for Papers


Proposals are sought for an interdisciplinary volume called “Generation X Goes Global: Tales of Accelerated Cultures.” This book will engage critics’ understanding of the position, value, and meaning of “Generation X” literature and culture and its culturally diverse manifestations worldwide. Contributors are asked to explore how shifts toward a world influenced by globalization and emerging media technologies have affected aesthetic practices from roughly between 1985-2010. The goal of the volume is to paint a broader picture of the cultural outgrowths of a “Generation X worldview.” Special concern will be placed on a balanced representation of essays from different fields and countries.

We encourage submissions that give an overview of a country’s demographic, political and historical conditions, and interrogates, complicates, and critically engages with each culture’s unique appropriation of the western-termed “Generation X.” In particular, we ask scholars to examine the label’s manifestations in literature, film, theatre, poetry, and/or new media (or hybrid versions thereof). Interdisciplinary and collaborative submissions are highly encouraged.

The goal is to create a project in which readers can sense the existence of a strong and exciting global community among scholars and content. The volume will emulate the participatory culture in which we live, and harness the unique and enriching perspectives of scholars working in/on a variety of countries. In order to approach the project in a highly collaborative fashion, all contributors will partake in a private Wiki page that can be accessed by all of us, from anywhere. Here we will develop a joint vision, share ideas, materials, contribute to each other’s work, and jointly create a volume that embodies our global diversity and experience.

Please send abstracts of 500 words or less to Christine Henseler (henselec@union.edu), and (your name and e-mail) by April 1st, 2009.

On the other hand.....

I was flipping around the ol' TV channels this morning and saw a great old video of Lady Marmalade on VH1. I got confused because I thought it was a clip show and they were showing the entire video. Then it ended and who was on my screen but the ancient Mark Goodman himself. Ends up the show was Billboard - Best Songs of the 70s and they also showed Manfred Mann doing Blinded by the Light after a great video from 2005 of the Boss himself trying to figure out why MMann changed the lyrics from "Wrapped up like a DEUCE as in Little Deuce Coup to DOUCHE as in a female hygienic product.


Anyway, it was great to see these old videos again. I actually was in the audience of a Sunday morning kids show (Wonderama if any of you are old NYers) and saw the great Patti LaBelle and LaBelle doing Lady Marmalade! I don't know if the show knew what the song was about - it's still one of the oddest things I've ever witnessed.